In Telecom Base Stations, air-conditioning units are still used for cooling. This means unnecessarily large amounts of energy are used for air-conditioning. “Barantech” Free Cooling System provides maximum cooling by consuming low energy. The working principle of the system is very simple. Instead of cooling the hot air, the system makes sure that the heat is transported out and transfers the cold air from outside by using fan. It doesn’t let air-conditioning to run as much as possible. In case of insufficient cooling, FCS turns off and then lets to run the air-conditioning unit. Thus, Free Cooling System ensures significantly energy saving for the customers..

The use of free cooling offers potential energy savings of up to %90. In this way, the investment cost for this solution – which depends on geographical locations and climate conditions – is frequently paid off within minimum six months and maximum one year merely.

Standard Components

  • FCS 04 Control Unit
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor (for Indoor)
  • Temperature Sensor (for Outdoor)
  • 48V or 24V Fan (up to 400W)
  • Casette Filter (G2/G3)
  • Analog Pressure Sensor
  • User Manual
  • CD (Technical Manual, GUI software)
  • USB Data Cable

Optional Components

  • Semiconductor Relays – SSR (for Air-Conditioning)
  • External Alarm Card
  • External Input Card
  • External Output Control Card
  • Digital Pressure Sensor