• Ability to run at +24/-48 VDC
• Proportional Speed Control
• Ethernet Connection
• Battery Voltage Indicator
• Mains Voltage Indicator
• Instant Fan Power Indicator
• Instant Air conditioning Power Indicator
• Ability to drive both AC and DC (EC) fan
• 16 External Alarm Output (Optional)
• Real-Time Clock
• Storing data and parameters
• Analog-Digital Differential Pressure Sensor
• Operating external air-conditioning unit and heater
• Testing sensor conditions frequently during operating time
• Ability to operate air-conditioning unit/s on by-pass mode in any case of trouble
• Fan speed data is received from tacho line
• System protects peripherals (air-conditioning unit&fan) itself in any case of faulty connection
• 18276 event reports about fan/air-conditioning unit logs for 12 months and amount of power consumptions can be saved in the log memory
• Menu Access requires passsword
• System prevents noise problem by using day/night mode
• Split fuses for main board and fan
• When fire alarm is active , system shuts down itself
• There are USB, RS485 and Ethernet inputs for remote and local access


• Remote Monitoring & Controlling
• Sending 16 different alarms about the site to the costumer as SNMP traps
• System reduces maintenance costs with Preventive Maintenance
• When air-conditioning unit operates inefficiently, system sends Poor Cooling & Heating warnings
• Humidity & Dew Point Controlling
• Free Cooling System provides GSM operators to reduce OPEX costs and redeem CAPEX investments in a very short time