Barantech Free Cooling System has ability to;
• Send 16 different alarms and minimum 16 different input dry contact informations as SNMP traps in SNMP v1 & v2c formats.
(This is optional. User can choose v1 or v2c.)
• Monitor the system with embedded web interface
• Monitor and control the system with Graphical User Interface(GUI)
• Switch dry contact peripherals by using optional output card
• Receive dry contact status informations by using optional input card
• Control two air-conditioning units.
• Save logs and inform customer about poor cooling & heating.
• Deliver digital filter block information to the control unit which is stetted between 0-500 Pa with %0,1 error rate.
• Show power consumption of fan & air-conditioner and save these unit’s total power consumption logs.
• Drive both EC centrifugal & EC axial compact fan between %20 and %100 speed.

FCS System Alarms
Free Cooling System has ability to inform users about the site by using these alarms.
• high temperature
• very high temperature
• low temperature
• high voltage
• low voltage
• poor heating
• poor cooling
• 1st mains phase failure
• 2nd mains phase failure
• maximum humidity
• dew point temperature
• blocked filter
• no fan power
• no fan speed (rpm)